Death Race

Death Race

Death Race – The action takes place in the future in Terminal Island, NY. Brutal and violent racing competitions of the prisoners is the biggest sport.  The movie shows nice racing cars full of gadgets and weapons and prisoners driving those to their way to freedom or death. Basically, the prisoner is set free if he survives the race. One of the prisoners is Jensen Ames, who already served a few years in prison already and is ready to go home, but forced to enter the race. He was a NASCAR champion several times before and is sentenced for killing his wife.

The plot is pretty simple, but the movie is full of great action, just like the other Jason Statham’s movies. It shows plenty of hot girls, awesome battle cars, great racing scenes, lots of explosions and quite a few shootings. I would call it a brutal version of “Fast and Furious”, only better. So, if you liked “Fast and Furious”, you would probably enjoy this one.

Jason Statham is a great actor and I think this movie is one of his best. I would watch this movie again and will probably buy one as soon as it comes out.

Watch the movie trailer below, and if you’ll like the trailer, you’ll like the movie. It shows some of the great scenes from the movie, but the movie has a lot more to offer.

Actors playing in this movie:

Jason Statham, Joan Allen, Tyrese Gibson, Natalie Martinez and Ian McShane

We would recommend this movie if you enjoy good action.

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