Iron Man

Iron Man

Iron Man– This is another superhero movie, except that it is really really good. CEO of Stark Industries, Tony Stark, is in charge of building the weapons and missiles for the government. Tony believes that the best weapon is the one that you only need to fire once, until his convoy gets attacked and he is held hostage. The enemy leader tells Tony to build the best weapon for him and while working for a few days in the cave, Tony builds the iron armor instead. The armor helps him to escape and work on the better and improved version, which makes him the iron man. Tony’s beliefs also changed and he gets removed from the CEO position since he changed his mind about the weapons and doesn’t act in the best interest of shareholders. This gives him more time to work on his great idea, the idea that will change the world forever.

I am not a big fan of superhero movies, however, I wish I would’ve watched this one in the theatre. The movie is just great. It is full of great action, special effects and cool gadgets. The actors are amazing and the story line is not too bad.

Here is the trailer, however, the movie is much better:

Actors that make this movie great:

Robert Downey Jr., Terrence Howard, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jeff Bridges

We would recommend this movie even if you are not a big fan of super heroes.

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