Fireproof – This movie has a good message. Firefighter Caleb is a hero to many people except for his wife Catherine. Catherine’s dad was a loving and brave firefighter and she tried to find somebody who would have the same character. They’ve been married for seven years, however, she feels that her husband doesn’t pay attention to her anymore. They keep on arguing about every little thing and get ready to prepare for the divorce, but Caleb’s father steps in to help. He offers Caleb to do a 40-day experiment that would change their relationship and Caleb promises his dad to give it a try. This movie has a Christian point of view. As Caleb becomes Christian, he begins to understand what true love really is.

Even though the acting seems to be a little cheesy at some points, the movie is actually pretty good. It has good Christian morals and there are a few heart-touching moments. The story line is great and keeps your attention throughout the whole movie. It has some funny parts as well.

Here is a trailer, see if this is something you may like it. We believe that this is a good movie to watch with a loved one.

Here is a list of actors that play in the movie:

Kirk Cameron, Erin Bethea, Harris Malcom, Phyllis Malcom and Ken Bevel

While this may not be the best one to watch in the theatre, we would recommend to rent it as soon as it becomes available on DVD. Also, this is a good movie to own and watch as a couple.

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